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Development League

Boys and Girls Pre K and Kindergarten 

The Developmental League is designed for boys and girls in Pre-K and Kindergarten, 
The league is intended to teach the fundamentals of basketball.
The idea is to make the sport as much fun as possible while positively reinforcing the players.

Team standings and game scores are not kept in the Developmental league.
Players will focus primarily on individual skills.
Practices are held once a week for about an hour, generally starting in late November.
Games are played on the weekends, starting in December or early January.

Children in kindergarten are allowed in the first grade leagues if their parents believe they are mature enough to do so. However, children that do play in first grade league as kindergartners will remain with their grade and play in the first grade league again when they are first graders

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Pre-K/K skills class for players Pre-K (age 3) thru Kindergarten 

The class is once a week on Saturday mornings, beginning in January and running through the middle of February.  The focus of the class is on helping young players learn and develop the fundamentals of basketball like dribbling, passing and shooting while having fun.